Center for Continuous Education Application and Research (SÜREM)

Center for Continuous Education Application and Research (SÜREM)

Istanbul 29 Mayıs University Continuous Education Application and Research Center (29 Mayıs SÜREM) organizes training programs, courses, seminars, workshops, and national and international meetings in the areas needed for people from all walks of life to increase their knowledge and skills; it offers consultancy and project services and publishes works.

Language Courses

Our center focuses primarily on foreign language courses; there are General, Accelerated, Institutional, Professional and Practical English, preparation for YDS, IELTS, TOEFL, English Proficiency exams, language courses in the fields of Primary-Secondary-High School English, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Ancient Greek and Latin under the guidance of expert teachers.

Career Center Studies

29 Mayıs SÜREM Career Center is preparing support programs for Istanbul 29 Mayıs University students, who will complete their undergraduate studies and find their ways in life, in order to gain an advantage in their job and education applications. Also, ALES and YDS preparatory courses are given to our students who want to have an academic career.

Personal Development Programs

SÜREM organizes programs that also support personal development. In addition to our classical arts such as Illumination-Paper Marbling-Calligraphy, we offer personal development courses under the guidance of expert names in areas such as Human Resources Management, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Student Coaching, NLP Expertise, Sports Coaching, and Training of Trainers.

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Inst. Mehtap Güven ÇOBAN
Director of 29 May SÜREM