Center for Psychology Application and Research (PAMER)

Center for Psychology Application and Research (PAMER)

The objectives of the center are to support the scientific development of professionals and students working in this field by conducting research, analysis and applications in different branches of psychology, to provide psychotherapy services to people who need psychological support outside the university and within the university when necessary, to develop activities such as training programs, courses, seminars, workshops, organizing national and international meetings, providing consultancy and project services, and publishing to support preventive mental and psychological health. This way, the cooperation of our university with public institutions, private sector, non-governmental organizations and international organizations is to contribute to the increase of the educational and cultural level of the society, to solve individual and social problems and to develop the country.

The activity areas of the center are:

- To conduct research and analysis, and conduct projects in all branches of psychology,

- Supporting student exchange at the level of academic staff and graduate students, especially internationally,

- To realize joint projects by cooperating with national and international institutions and organizations,

- To conduct research, provide trainings and consultancy services in line with requests from public institutions, private sector, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations,

- Organizing various training programs for professionals and students working in the field of psychology, providing students with the opportunity to practice under internship and supervision,

- Organizing scientific meetings, courses, and training programs at national and international level,

- To publish the data obtained from the research conducted in the center,

- Organizing public information and intervention programs in accordance with the purposes of the center,

- Providing psychotherapy and counseling services to people who need psychological support,

- To provide consultancy and training services for the disabled and their families who need special education,

- Giving documents to the participants of the programs organized by the Center in accordance with the rules determined by the authorized bodies of the university

- To carry out other activities recommended by the Board of Directors and deemed appropriate by the Rectorate for the purposes of the Center.

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