Student's Feedback

Fatima Zamanlı Department of Psychology
Despite being young, Istanbul 29 Mayıs University attracts so many students from around the globe every year, just like me, thanks to its unique location at the heart of Istanbul and family environment. It’s my first year in 29 Mayıs and I feel extremely lucky to come here from Azerbaijan. I know there are lots of students who want to be in our shoes. Istanbul 29 Mayıs University is a newly, but well-established university. I believe I’m in the right place. If you wish to make a decision you will not regret later, and to get good and qualified education in this distinguished city, you should be in 29 Mayıs, as well.
Abdüsselam İslam Macedonia, Department of History, 2nd Grade
İstanbul 29 Mayıs Üniversitesi is a new, yet a powerful university. Since my childhood, it was my biggest dream to study in Istanbul. In here, we, students from all over the world, consider each other as brothers. Ottoman History was taught very different and non-objectively, especially in the Balkans. I believe I will learn the real history in the Department of History in 29 Mayıs and import my knowledge into my country. If you like brotherhood and hospitality, we’d like to see you in 29 Mayıs, too.
Gülalek Annamuradova Turkmenistan, Department of Political Science and International Relations, 2nd Grade
I feel very lucky being a student of Istanbul 29 Mayıs University. This university feels like home to me. I learn Turkish through experience thanks to activities, trips, etc. I also learn English in such a way that we use it effectively in daily life. I have the chance to get to know different cultures with international students from around the globe. I came to Istanbul by saying that “I have a dream”, just like Martin Luther King. I believe my dream came true in 29 Mayıs.
Keldibay Oskinbayevü Kazakhstan, Department of Philosophy, 2nd Grade
In here, Istanbul, we merely re-live history by wandering around historical and cultural places. We have our guest-house, dining hall and İSAM Library, which is one of a kind in terms of specialization, in our campus. Besides, we are under the roof of such a college, which meets our flight costs during summer. Our professors give us support in any case. Our Kazakh friends, who live and study in Istanbul consider us as ‘the happiest people in the world’.
Akmuhammed Nuraliyev Turkmenistan, Department of Philosophy
Research resources, provides great opportunities to all who want to learn. In here, we experience Turkish hospitality and feel like we are at home. It’s a great advantage having library, dining hall and guest-house in the same campus. Besides, we learn Turkish in a fun way in Turkish Preparatory Program by seeing historical and cultural sites in Istanbul. 29 Mayıs is a gate to different cultures and worlds with our friends from all around the world.
Adem Swafa Uganda, International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies, 4th Grade
The main reasons why I preferred Istanbul 29 Mayıs University are that it is located at the center of Istanbul, the city of civilizations, and the facilities provided for international students. Return tickets to our country every year, health insurance, guest-house, monthly scholarship and more can be found in 29 Mayıs. Academic staff of International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies consists of specialists in their field. They also teach Arabic very well, which is crucial to Islamic Studies. If you want to study Islamic and Religious Studies, 29 Mayıs is the right place.
Emina Kızılkaya Department of Political Science and International Relations, 2nd Grade
I had been studying hard since the beginning of the year for the free UK trip offered to preparatory class students in 29 Mayıs. Thanks to the IELTS courses we took at the end of the year, I managed to get the necessary grade for this trip. When we arrived in UK, our courses and houses were already arranged. I had the chance to see London, Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh during the trips with my friends. It was a memorable experience for me because I improved my English and I discovered a whole new country.
Zhumakan İsmailova Department of Turkish Language and Literature, 4th Grade
It’s a great opportunity for everyone to study in Istanbul, which is at the crossroads of cultures. You get to know the whole World in Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, at the heart of Istanbul, as our university has international students from about 40 countries. “Why am I not a part of this culture?” I said to myself, and came to 29 Mayıs. With the large academic staff, I believe this university will shape my career in a better way. If you’d like to have attractive scholarship and guest-house opportunities as well as good academic consultancy, you should say “29 Mayıs” to yourself, just like me.