Centre for Qur'anic Studies (KURAMER)

Centre for Qur'anic Studies (KURAMER)

The purpose of the center is to provide people with scientific and cultural activities necessary to understand the Qur'an based on scientific data, academic studies and research in the fields such as history of Mus’haf, tafsir, language, siret, history, hadith, akaid, fiqh, through seminars, symposiums, conferences.

Fields of Activity of İstanbul 29 Mayıs University Qur’an Research Center (KURAMER):

To determine the study subjects and appropriate researchers in areas such as Mus’haf history, language, siret, history, hadith, akaid, tafsir, and fiqh required by the Qur'an-based academic research, and to prepare and execute projects on these issues,

Supporting the research and prospective researchers in Turkey and abroad to carry out and for the realization of the mentioned research, creating a specialized library, database and archive in the field of Qur'an research,

To publish the research conducted in the center and the research prepared outside the center in a physical and virtual environment,

To carry out scientific and cultural activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums where Qur'an in particular, and academic and current issues in the field of Islamic sciences in general will be discussed, in addition to publishing and sharing them with the public,

To collaborate with local and foreign science and research institutions operating in the field of Qur'an research,

To create Mus’haf and Qur’an History Museum.

Director of KURAMER