Turkish Preparatory School

Turkish Preparatory classes are given to foreign students who are registered for the programs in which the medium of instruction is Turkish. Turkish classes are also given to students whose knowledge of Turkish is not enough for undergraduate education programs that are taught partially in foreign languages.


Turkish Preparatory School Program

A year of teaching and learning is comprised of 4 quarters of 2 months. The Turkish Preparatory School Program can be extended with a 1-month extra course term for those students who require this. 

In order to meet the academic requirements, students are given English Preparatory courses in parallel with the Turkish Preparatory School Program.


Principles and Techniques of Education

The main goal is to improve the writing and speaking skills of students by focusing on advanced listening and reading activities in the program. The goal is for the speaking time of the students to be greater than that of the instructors.

During the lessons, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary are taught.


Compulsory Attendance (Turkish Prep School)

Attendance lists are regularly checked and controlled by the instructors. Records of attendance are announced by Preparatory School administration. Students are obliged to attend 90% of the classes.


Turkish Preparatory School Exams

  • End-of-track Exam: Given to students at the end of each track.
  • Quizzes: As part of the preparatory program, students are assessed with quizzes periodically.
  • Homework and Projects: Students are asked to prepare various projects and homework for improving their language skills.
  • End-of-year Presentation: At the end of year, students are asked to make a 20-minute presentation on a topic.

Full-Time Teaching Staff

  • Lecturer Fatma Beyhan MADEN 

Part-Time Teaching Staff

  • Lecturer Gökhan DENİZ (Director)