School of Foreign Languages

Assoc. Prof. Kerim Açık, Director

Asst. Prof. İbrahim HELALŞAH, Chairperson, Arabic Preparatory Program Unit

Lecturer Mehtap GÜVEN ÇOBAN, MA, Chairperson, English Preparatory Program Unit

Lecturer Fatma Beyhan MADEN, Chairperson, Turkish Preparatory Program Unit


Arabic Preparatory Program

The Arabic Preparatory Programs consist of 6 levels and a total of 870 course hours. At the beginning of the academic year, students take a placement exam, both in written and oral form. The levels of the students are determined according to their respective exam results. The communication language in the classroom is Arabic and is strictly enforced.


English Preparatory Program

The English Preparatory Program has four quarters covering one academic year. There are 28 course hours weekly. The communication language in the classroom is English and is strictly enforced and observed. The program aims to improve students' writing and speaking skills, as well as to develop listening and reading abilities at an advanced level.


Turkish Preparatory Program

The program is initially designed for overseas/foreign students whose native language is not Turkish. It consists of 4 quarters and each quarter takes 2 months during an academic year. For students who need further language support, the Turkish Preparatory Program organizes a one-month extra supplementary course.