Prof. Galip YAVUZ

Medine İslam Üniversitesi - 1982

Uluslararası İslam Üniversitesi - 1988

Pencap Üniversitesi - 1992

Resume Resume (PDF) YÖK Akademik
Full Time


He completed his undergraduate education in Madinah Islamic University Faculty of Theology in 1982. In 1988, he completed his master's degree in linguistics at Islamabad International Islamic University, Faculty of Arabic Language, and in 1992 at Punjab University Oriental Collage, Arabic Department. Respectively, Uludag University Faculty of Theology, Dr. Lecturer, Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Theology, Asst. Assoc. and Associate Professor, Associate Professor and Professor at Marmara University Faculty of Theology, and Professor at Near East University and Pamukkale Universities. His studies are mainly Koran-centered linguistics, and he has studies on Arabic teaching in Imam Hatip High Schools. Academic interests and areas of interest; linguistics in general, philosophy of language, in particular, indigenous and wild.