Asst. Prof. Mohamad Anas SARMINI

Damascus University - 2004

Damascus University - 2010

Jinan University - 2015

Resume Resume (PDF) YÖK Akademik
Full Time


He graduated from Damascus University Faculty of Theology in 2004. In 2010, he completed his master's degree in the Department of Hadith at Damascus University with his thesis titled "Jamâlüddîn al-Kâsımî and His Studies in Hadith". In 2015, he completed his doctorate in the field of Hadith at Jinan University with his thesis titled "Punishments Acquired Only with Sunnah-i Nabawi". In addition, in 2013, he did another master's degree in the field of Arabic Language and Contemporary Press at Jinan University with his thesis "Fasih Arabic in Contemporary Arab Press". He is still working as a lecturer at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, Department of Arabic Language Education. Academic interests; The contemporary Arab press focuses on fasih Arabic, the history and method of hadith, hadith ruling, fiqh al-hadith and muskilul-hadith, fiqh method.