Vast Opportunities of Research

Vast Opportunities of Research

Istanbul 29 Mayıs University's academic staff and students benefit from all facilities and opportunities provided by the library of the Center for Islamic Studies, which is located at Bağlarbaşı Campus. The university library, on the other hand, currently holds over 70,000 books.

The library of the Center for Islamic Studies is one of the best libraries in Turkey. It holds thousands of books, subscribes to journals in various languages ranging from Spanish to Japanese, has archives of documents from the Balkan countries, Russia and Yemen, as well as visual and auditory materials.

The library has a rich collection of books and periodicals in the fields of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, particularly history, philosophy, literature, and Islamic and religious studies. Moreover, it holds a number of private collections from Turkey and abroad. The library currently possesses 400,000 books and 130,000 volumes of 3,500 separate periodicals. More than 100,000 scholars yearly from Turkey and abroad benefit from the library.

The documentation unit in the library provides invaluable sources and databases for researchers. In addition, it has a digital archive consisting of catalogue information of 1,000,000 books belonging to the catalogues of 119 libraries in Turkey.

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